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West Academic CasebookPlus for Evidence                                                         

Some of your professors are using CasebookPlus-compatible casebooks from West Academic, which enable you to take online practice quizzes on each chapter, and come bundled with several e-book study aids as well.

You will have 12-month online access to self-assessment quizzes tied to the casebook, leading study aids, Gilbert Law Dictionary, and an outline starter. The included study aids often include West Academic’s Nutshell, Exam Pro, and Acing volumes for that subject.  

Everyone will need to create a free account on in order to take advantage of these materials. 

  • If you bought a new copy of the casebook, it should have come with a code that you would use to get access via  
    • Check the inside front cover of the book, or an insert packaged with the book.
    • Click the Redeem Code button on the My Bookshelf page and enter the code that came with the casebook.
  • If you did not buy a new copy that came with a code, you will need to go to and pay $35 for the Learning Library option, which will grant you the same access.  Take it from your law librarians -- this is an excellent bargain

​Professors Frank and Schinasi are using Merritt and Simmons's Learning Evidence: From the Federal Rules to the Courtroom, 4th Edition.  Here is the direct link to the $35 Learning Library option: 


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