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PSY 311 - Psychosocial Issues of Disaster Preparedness and Recovery: Additional Readings / Family Disaster Plan Guidebook

This eGuide presents Library resources to assist you in finding articles and information for PSY 311 research.

PSY 311 - Additional Readings

Shultz, J. et al. "Disaster Ecology; implications for Disaster Psychiatry." In Ursano, Robert J. et al. Textbook of Disaster Psychiatry.Cambridge University Press, 2006. Part II. Chapter 4: pp. 69-96.


PSY 311 - Additional Reading

Allen, A. et al. "An Empirically Informed Intervention for Children Following Exposure to Severe Hurricanes." The Behavior Therapist. vol. 29(6), pp. 118-124.

PSY 311 - Additional Reading

Pfefferbaum, B. et al. "Building Resilience to Mass Trauma Events." In Handbook of Injury and Violence Prevention. NY: Springer, 2007. Part III, pp. 347-358

PSY 311: Family Disaster Plan Guidebook

Schmitz, S. et al. Family Disaster Plan Guidebook. Miami: Center for Disaster and Extreme Event Preparedness, 2009.

PSY 311 - Additional Reading

Mills, K.  (2013).  Treatment of Comorbid Substance Dependence and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. JAMA, 310(5), pp. 482 - 483.

PSY 311 - Additional Reading

Shultz, J. M., &  Forbes, D.  (2013).  Psychological First Aid: Rapid proliferation and the search for evidence.  Disaster Health,  1(2),  pp. 1 - 10.