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Barry Law Library Faculty Services: Training and Support for Faculty Research Assistants

A guide to faculty services provided at the Barry University School of Law Library, where "We Empower Discovery."

Training and Support for Faculty Research Assistants

Reference Librarians can and will meet with your student Research Assistants, with or without the faculty member present, to discuss ongoing faculty research projects, needs, and expectations.  We will help Research Assistants do their best work for you by training them on how to best use the Law Library and online resources, how to locate PDF copies of materials, and research strategies, tools, and techniques.  

We can also help teach your Research Assistants how to check cites and point them toward cite checking resources.  We have created a Research Assistant Resources guide that will be an invaluable resource for your Research Assistants, especially when cites need to be checked.

Please put your Liaison in touch with your Research Assistants, or e-mail to set up a meeting.  Beyond that, we are available to train Research Assistants at the Reference Desk, in our own offices in the Law Library, via e-mail, or at specialized training sessions that will be scheduled throughout the academic year.