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Barry Law Library Faculty Services: Librarian Research Lectures

A guide to faculty services provided at the Barry University School of Law Library, where "We Empower Discovery."

Librarian Research Lectures

Reference Librarians are available to present guest lectures on research and Law Library tours to classes or clinics. 

Reference Librarians will tailor lectures to meet the needs of the course, and can be scheduled during class or, in the alternative, at a time convenient to both the professor and the Librarian.  The length of presentations can vary as the professor and Librarian feel is appropriate.  Librarians can also create Powerpoint presentations or online research guides (LibGuides), to meet the needs of each professor's course. 

In order to get the best presentation possible, faculty are asked to contact Reference Librarians before the semester or as early in the semester as possible, to with as much time as possible to allow them to prepare the lecture and other materials.  

Contact your Liaison or e-mail if you would like to schedule a research presentation or Library tour for a course.