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Barry University School of Law Library: Print, copy or scan

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Printing, Copying & Scanning


Printers/scanners are located on all three floors of the library. Please consult the library map or ask the Circulation staff for assistance.

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There are four ways to prepare your documents for printing:

  1. PrintMe App: Download the PrintMe app to your device here. Within the app , select  the "EFI PrintMe" option OR
  2. Visit and follow these steps:
    • Select "Get Started"
    • Then, "Get Files"
    • Then, "Open"
    • Next, enter your email address to send the release code to yourself.
  3. Save your document/s onto a USB drive.
  4. Email your document/s to When you send the email, you will receive a unique document ID. This document ID can then be used to release your print job at any library printer. The file will be available under this code for 24 hours.

Retrieving your document from the printer:

  1. Tap "print" on the keypad.
  2. Select where your document is coming from: USB or PrintMe.
    • If using a USB, insert the USB flash drive at the front of the keypad.
    • For PrintMe, be sure to have your document ID.
  3. Insert debit/credit card when prompted.
    • If using PrintMe, enter your ID code and hit "Next."
  4. Select the documents you wish to print. You can preview your files on the touch pad and change the following: number of copies, pages to print, black and white or color, single or double sided.
  5. Tap "Next" to review your prints and cost and tap "Print"
  6. When finished, tap "End Session" on the keypad and remove your card.

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  1. Tap "Make Copies" on the keypad.
  2. Insert debit/credit card when prompted.
  3. Place material to be copied on the copier and press "Start."
  4. When finished, press "End Session" on the keypad.
  5. Remove your card when prompted to do so.

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You will NOT be charged for scans, but you must insert a debit/credit card to enable the scanning action.

  1. Tap "Make Copies" on the keypad.
  2. Insert debit/credit card when prompted.
  3. Place material to be scanned on the copier.
  4. Select "Menuon the copier, not the keypad.
  5. Select "Scan/Faxon the copier, not the keypad.
  6. Choose "Email," and input your email address.
  7. Once the material you wish to scan is placed on the copier, press the "Start" button on the copier.

Scanning Multiple Pages

  1. Select "Application." On the display screen, scroll left to make sure "Separate Scan" is set to ON.
  2. Place original on the copier and press "Start."
  3. Repeat as necessary until all pages are scanned.
  4. Tap "Finish" after all original pages are scanned. Then tap "End Session."

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Type of copy/print Price

Black & white

5¢ per page

Color 15¢ per page

Please remember:

  • Each side of a page counts as a whole page.
  • Scanning is free, but you must insert a debit/credit card to activate it. 

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The library offers faxing services for free to Barry Law students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Please visit the Circulation Desk for assistance. 

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