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Climate Change: Statutes and Regulations

This guide is provided by The Euliano Law Library to assist students of LAW-6214 Climate Change (seminar course) in beginning their research.

Historical & Legislative Documents



  • ProQuest Congressional (access through Barry Law Library Databases page; scroll down to choose ProQuest Congressional
    This is the easiest way to find a Congressional committee report, hearing transcript, or Congressional Record pages. 

Litigation Charts: Climate Change

Administrative Law Research Slide Presentation

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Selected U.S. Federal

Federal Statutes


Popular Names and Tables: Use this link to help you find the relevant statutes that fall under a particular Congressional Act or piece of legislation (see below for examples).

Selected Federal Regulations


Selected States

This link will take you to the Florida Statutes webpage; scroll down to Title XXVIII to browse the relevant, clickable Chapters that may interest you.

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This link will take you to the California climate change laws page on, which is further broken down into legislationregulations, and executive orders.

Georgia has a handy table of environmental regulations and their corresponding statutes to help you begin your research.

Massachusetts has a easy-to-navigate page that houses links to both legislation and regulations, categorized by media (top of the page), or by issue. 

The link above will take you to FindLaw's compilation of NY Environmental Conservation Law. CLICK HERE for corresponding NY environmental regulations.