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Barry Law Library Alumni Services: How We Can Help You

A guide to alumni services provided at the Barry University School of Law Library, where "We Empower Discovery."


Glen-Peter Ahlers, MLS, JD
Interim Associate Dean of Information Services
Professor of Law

Whitney Curtis, MA, JD
Associate Director and Head of Public Services
Associate Professor of Law Library

Diana Botluk, MS, JD
Reference Librarian
Associate Professor of Law Library

Louis Rosen, MA, JD
Reference Librarian
Associate Professor of Law Library

Jason Murray, MSLS, JD
Reference Librarian
Assistant Professor of Law Library

Kristen Arnett, MLIS
Access Services Librarian and Circulation Supervisor

Rachel Coates, MLIS
Head of Technical Services

Stephanie Bertone, MLIS
Electronic Resources Librarian

Reference Librarians

The Barry Law Library employs Reference Librarians who hold Juris Doctors in addition to Master's degrees in Library and Information Science.  They all have professor status as well, and they teach their own Advanced Legal Research classes and guest-lecture on research methods in other professors' classes.  

Reference Librarians can:

Help you locate specific books, articles, cases, statutes, regulations, and more, in our print collection and online.

Point you in the right direction when you need to find forms, rules, jury instructions, and other litigation and transactional resources.

Consult with you on strategies to conduct research on a topic of interest.

The best way to contact them with reference or research questions is to e-mail, a shared e-mail account that allows them all to receive messages.

For more information about the Reference Librarians, including their names and individual contact information, click

Reference Librarians are typically available in their offices Monday through Thursday, from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and on Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

We cannot give legal advice, but we can always guide you toward resources to answer your questions and hopefully solve your problems.

We are here to help you as alumni, just as we did when you were students here, so let us know if you have any questions at all.

Searching the Law Library Catalog

All users may search the Barry Law Library Encore catalog directly or from the Law Library website home page.

We recommend Keyword searching to start with, unless you have the specific title, author, or ISBN for a book.

The catalog will search across the Barry Law Library and Barry University's entire collection of print and online materials, and you will be able to filter your results.