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A Guide to Religion Sources in the Barry Library: Reference Books in the Library

Reference Books in the Library







REF         New Catholic Encyclopedia  2003 (Also online)


841                  This is a comprehensive, scholarly,

.N44        authoritative, and readable work of reference

2003        dealing with every aspect of the Church, its

            teaching, its institutions, and its activities

            throughout the world.



REF         Encyclopedia of Religion 1987 (Also online)


31                  This is a comprehensive, multivolume

.E46        work which covers many topics on the world's

            religions. (This work is also available online through the Gale Reference Center.)




REF         The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible 1962


440              This four volume encyclopedia has many

.I63       articles on persons, places, and ideas in both

           the Old and New Testament.




REF        The Anchor Bible Dictionary 1992


440              A six volume encyclopedia whose articles

.A54          discuss numerous ideas, persons, places, and

1992          concepts in the Old and New Testament.






REF        The New Dictionary of Theology 1987


95              This is a one volume reference tool which

.N3       gives entries on topics of relevance to

1987      Theology from a Catholic perspective.




REF      Dictionary of Theology 1981


95            This one volume work is an English language

.R313    translation of a German language original by the 

1981     Catholic authors Karl Rahner and Herbert








REF     The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church 1974

BR      (Also online)

95            A one volume tool which deals with many

.O8       topics on Christianity.  A Protestant viewpoint  

1974      is given.



REF     The Westminster Dictionary of Church History 1971


95            This one volume book covers many of the

.W496    persons, ideas, and events in Christian history.

         Both Protestant and Catholic scholars contributed

         to this work.



Biblical Commentaries


REF     The New Jerome Biblical Commentary 1990


491.2       This work provides commentaries on all of

.N485  the books of the Bible in one volume.  The

1990   contributors of the articles are Catholic.



REF   Harper's Bible Commentary 1988


491.2       This one volume work gives very good

.H37   commentaries on the Bible.  It has been compiled by

1988   both Protestant and Catholic scholars.



REF    The Expositor's Bible Commentary 1979


491.2       This twelve volume work contains selections

.E96   from the New International Version of the Bible.

       There is detailed analysis of these texts by

       scholars from many Protestant denominations.



REF     The New Interpreter's Bible 1998




            This is a complete Bible, in twelve volumes,

       based upon the King James and Revised Standard

        Version, which includes extensive commentary on the


  Biblical Concordances


REF     New American Standard Exhaustive Concordance

BS      of the Bible   1981


.N385         This is a concordance of the New American   

        Standard Bible.  The back of this one volume work

        has a Hebrew - Aramaic/English and a Greek/English

        dictionary. Entry numbers next to the English words

        in the text of the concordance refer to their

        original language equivalents in the above

        mentioned dictionaries.



REF    Nelson's Complete Concordance of the New American

BS     Bible 1977


.N36         This one volume concordance refers to the New

        American Bible.  Both this Bible and concordance

        are primarily the works of Catholic scholars.


REF   The Eerdmans Analytical Concordance to the Revised

BS    Standard   Version of the Bible 1988


.W48       This is a very thorough, computer generated one

1988  volume concordance to the Revised Standard Version of

      the Bible.


Directories and Almanacs  


REF   The Official Catholic Directory


845         An annual one volume reference work which gives  

.C5   a wealth of information on the Catholic Church in the

      United States.  Names and addresses of clergy,

      Religious orders, and organizations for every diocese

      is given. One will also find many statistics.


REF  Catholic Almanac


81       This is an annual one volume reference work which

.R6    contains concise, updated, fully - indexed items on

N3     virtually every subject of Catholic interest.      

       Topical events of headline importance are detailed

       along with historical,biblical,and doctrinal items.


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