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Resources for Barry Law students taking the Trial Advocacy class, Trial Team members and potential members, and any law students and lawyers involved with litigation

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Barry Law Library Reference Librarians
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Whitney Curtis, MA, JD
Associate Director and Head of Public Services
Associate Professor of Law Library

Diana Botluk, MS, JD
Reference Librarian
Associate Professor of Law Library

Louis Rosen, MA, JD
Reference Librarian
Associate Professor of Law Library

Jason Murray, MSLS, JD
Reference Librarian
Assistant Professor of Law Library

Locating Print and Electronic Resources on Trial Advocacy

ARTICLES: Serials Solutions -- The Law Library and Barry University's main library subscribe to many different databases that contain articles from thousands of sources in dozens of disciplines.  Serials Solutions helps you locate the correct database in which to find the article.

BOOKS: Library Catalog -- To find a book in the Barry Law Library, either in print or digital format, check the catalog.  If you know the exact title, try a Title search.  If you're looking for books on a more general topic, such as discovery, try a Keyword search. 


Accessing Thomas Mauet's books on Intelliconnect

Trial Advocacy students!  You can access the content of Trial Techniques and Trials, the Thomas Mauet textbook, on one of our Law Library databases called Intelliconnect.

Here are the steps to access Trial Techniques and Trials and Mauet's other books:

1.  Go to our A-Z list of Law Library databases at
(From off campus, you will have to log into first, and select “School of Law Intranet.”)

2.  Choose Intelliconnect.

3.  Under Browse in the left column, click on Titles A-Z.

4.  On the right side of the screen, locate Trial Techniques and Trials alphabetically by title and click it.  It is updated through the Ninth Edition:

5.  The outline of the book should populate in the left side of your screen:

6.  Keep browsing through the outline until you find the section you want to read.  Once you click on a section, the text will show up on the right side of the screen.  For example:


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Louis Rosen
Barry University School of Law Library
6441 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32807

Office: 321.206.5729
Reference Desk: 321.206.5724