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Law Library Public Patron Computers: Other Resources


Glen-Peter Ahlers, MLS, JD
Interim Associate Dean of Information Services
Professor of Law

Whitney Curtis, MA, JD
Associate Director and Head of Public Services
Associate Professor of Law Library

Diana Botluk, MS, JD
Reference Librarian
Associate Professor of Law Library

Louis Rosen, MA, JD
Reference Librarian
Associate Professor of Law Library

Jason Murray, MSLS, JD
Reference Librarian
Assistant Professor of Law Library

Kristen Arnett, MLIS
Access Services Librarian and Circulation Supervisor

Rachel Coates, MLIS
​Resources Management Librarian

Library Catalog

To access the Law Library catalog:

  1. Click the icon that says Law Library Catalog.
  2. Type in key words and click Submit.
  3. Results list will provide the item's location and call number so you can locate the item.


Law Library Research Databases

Selected Law Library research database subscriptions are available for walk-up use at the Law Library's two public access computers.  To access them:

  1. Choose Database Subscriptions
  2. Scroll through the list and choose the database you wish to use.
  3. If you cannot gain access, it means that the particular database you chose is not available for public use.

Don't Save on the Library Computers


These computers are public computers.  DO NOT SAVE PERSONAL FILES ON THESE COMPUTERS!  Please remove files that you have saved before you walk away from the computer.